Drago's Photo Art

Night Flight Over Sarajevo
Strange Night in Basel
The Duke

Morgengrauen Blues
Harald Haerter in Schongau

Evening at Tiffany
Vierrädriges Ballett

Bass Player
(I) Bosnisches Tischtuch
(II) Al Jones in Schongau

Greeny Dream
Wish to grow up
Kathedrale in Sarajevo

Cycle: "Remember Sarajevo, remember Bosnia!"

(I)  Remember Sarajevo!
(II)  We don't care!

(III)  Welcome to Sarajevo!
(IV)  looks like safari

(V)  Bosnian Woman
(VI)  Waiting...

     The war in my country lasted from 1992 to 1995. Serbia-Montenegro attacked Bosnia-Hercegovina although it was acknowledged by the UN as an independent state.
The world was watching the cruel aggression for 3 years without interveneing and Bosnia-Hercegovina had no defending army. Sarajevo, Olympic City of 1984, was concerned very heavily.
At that time the 3 most powerful political leaders were George Bush Senior (USA), John Major (UK) and Francois Mitterand (France) - therefore they are represented here in my work. After all Bill Clinton's new government decided to stop the brutality.
During this time my familiy and me stayed in Germany and we tried to help as much as we could, even so I was despaired and caught by nightmares - still today. Painting makes me feel better - colours heal me.
I created this cycle 10 years after end of war to admonish the world not to forget Sarajevo and Bosnia.

Thanks for attention, Drago
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