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Welcome to Drago's Gallery!

This is a collection of my works from the last years including some 'digital painting', 'photo art', multimedia and more...

My name is Dragan Iljkic, born in Bosnia in 1952, and since 17 years I've been living in Schongau, Germany. Here I'm called 'Drago', in Bosnia my nickname is 'Skipi'. I'm married and have a grown-up son.
My work with Digital Art is exclusively private.
Since several years I've been working with 'digital painting'-techniques too and I'm member of some international art associations (mentioned in links).
Last but not least I'm interested in music, literature, poetry, theater und cinema.

I wish you not only to enjoy this sites but maybe to find some inspirations too while looking at my works - cause some of them are based on socio-cultural and politically-themed reflections.

Dragan Iljkic

3 Texte zur Ausstellung "Dossier Sarajevo"

Fotos & Presse zur Ausstellung "Dossier Sarajevo"

Fotos & Presse zur Gesamt-Ausstellung
"Da wo I dahoam bin" vom Kulturverein "lechwärts e.V."


 Dragan Iljkic
 Tumblingerstr. 56
 80337 München


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