Ramy Essam, the young revolutionary from Egypt


© Dragan Iljkic

Bread. Freedom. Social justice.
The crowd chanted around him: "Bread. Freedom. Social justice!". In the evening Ramy Essam took his guitar, turned to the side of the road and made the slogans a song.
The song of protest.
His songs are full of poetic allusions. With humor, he ridicules the rulers, makes that corruption feel. An amateur video shows how Ramy Essam makes a song from the slogans of the demonstrators and quickly improvises: "Get lost, buzz off, Hosni Mubarak!" he sings.
As on 9 March 2011, when the Army occupied the Tahrir Square with soldiers and arrested him. He is the victim of violence, against which he sings. In captivity Essam was being beaten and tortured with electric shocks. When after nearly a week he got free, he joined the demonstrators as soon as possible.
Ramy Essam is not only a hero for many Egyptians because of thanks to his songs, but also because he never acted outside but from the center.

Gift Music
Currently, the songwriter recorded his first album. He would not sell his music, he says. He will give it for free to the people on Tahrir Square and the revolution that his country and probably him as a singer has taken on the way to a new future.
At the anniversary of the first large Tahrir demonstration Ramy Essam gave a concert on the square. He put up fierce: "I shall never cease to sing political songs. I will not cease to be the voice of the poor and oppressed, no one takes note."

Just go on, Ramy Essam !
Thanks for atention,

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