Ibrica Jusic


© Dragan Iljkic

Ibrica Jusic is a Croatian songwriter & chansonnier, who has his roots in Mostar/ Bosnian-Herzegovinia. He lived and worked several years in Paris/ France, now he's living in Dubrovnik/ Croatia.
Ibrica Jusic appeared in the music heaven in 1968, at the festival in Zagreb. Relying on the elements of French chanson he has created a distinctive and very authentic authorial expression, which is characterized by poetics and intellect, as well as by composing the poems of famous poets. For decades he's been a "registered trademark" of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, which appears regularly as a host midnight concert on the steps, and the guitar-solo-recitals in the "Ducal Palace" are representative.
Six, respectively two years ago Ibrica Jusic paid hommage to it by recording some new modern arrangements of beautiful Bosnian stubs, published on the albums "Amanet" and "Amanet 2" - in the spirit of their parents land Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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