Arsen Dedic, Le Chansonier


© Dragan Iljkic

Arsen Dedic is a famous Croatian musician, singer and songwriter.
He was at first influenced by Dalmatian folklore, but is mostly comparable to the French chanson genre. Throughout the decades Dedic became one of the most respected musicians in former SFR Yugoslavia and maintained this reputation to this day.
He also received the most well-known word award for chanson, "Jacques Brel".
Apart from writing songs, Dedic also writes music for films. He is also an award-winning and one of the best-selling poets of ex-Yugoslavia. Notable books of poetry include "Brod u Boci" (Croatia Concert, Zagreb, 1971), "Hotel Balkan" (Znanje, Zagreb, 1987), "101 Pjesma" (Svjetlost, Sarajevo, 1989) and others.
Arsen Dedic is married to Gabi Novak, famous chanson and pop singer in her own right.
His son Matija Dedic is also one of the most respected jazz musicians in Croatia.

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